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Mindful Stretching Resolves Inflammation Resolution Pathways


Mindful stretching can resolve something called Inflammation Resolution Pathways. Our bodies and brains become used to chronic inflammation and the associated pain. On the cellular level, that feeling of pain gets imprinted and keeps recurring over and over like a record skipping. Shirley gets up in the morning and walks down the stairs and – poof – there’s the right knee pain – her old friend. Or her lower back, or [...]

Mindful Stretching Resolves Inflammation Resolution Pathways2019-05-10T15:59:30-04:00

Put Out the Fire Boomers! Stretch Your Way to Less Inflammation


Inflammation tops the list of why we age prematurely. Chronic inflammation leads to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, even Alzheimer’s disease. How does inflammation start? When we have injuries, whether big ones like surgery or minor ones like bruises, our bodies become like firefighters, breaking out the hoses and spraying like crazy. This is our sympathetic nervous system, the “fight or flight” response, sounding the alarm to marshal our body’s resources to heal. [...]

Put Out the Fire Boomers! Stretch Your Way to Less Inflammation2019-05-10T16:02:13-04:00

Boomers and Seniors – Muscle Your Way to Vitality!


Many of the unpleasant effects of aging seniors experience; less cardiac endurance, achy joints, even brain fog, are improved by gaining lean muscle mass. That’s right, seniors can turn back the aging clock by getting stronger. What’s more astounding, big gains can be made in a short amount of time with targeted strength training. Improvements happen in two main ways: boosting the metabolic system and through the neuromuscular pathway – the muscles [...]

Boomers and Seniors – Muscle Your Way to Vitality!2019-05-10T16:04:34-04:00