BETSY LAMOND – BoomerFit Owner

BoomerFit Mindful Stretch and Mindful Strength Classes

Online with ZOOM

Boomers and Zoomers – Don’t Quit, Get BoomerFit!

When COVID struck in March 2020, I couldn’t meet with my clients in person so I decided to offer online classes using this new (to me) video service called ZOOM. I thought a few would take me up on it until we could go back to the gym in a few weeks.

Life is full of surprises and those weeks stretched into a year and counting. A pleasant surprise for me was 90% of my clients tried the ZOOM classes and loved them. My clients were surprised at how easy it was to adjust to being online. They made comments like, “It’s so convenient to exercise at home”, “I can do what I can without worrying about anyone watching”, “I can continue the classes when I go to Florida”, “Betsy makes it easy to sign into the classes”.

Even through ZOOM, a community feeling developed quickly during the classes. As Boomers, my clients had similar stressors related to COVID. Commiserating about missing grandchildren and not being able to travel and see friends provided some comfort. Having a safe and effective exercise routine alleviates stress too.

BoomerFit Deep Stretching – Opening Up Head to Toe

Why is stretching important for Boomers?

Imagine an old garden hose coiled up in the back of the garage. It’s dried out with lots of kinks and bits of grass clogging it. You haul it out, attach it to the spigot, turn the water on, and a weak, uneven stream comes out, barely watering the flower bed.

The hose is like the trillions of pathways in the body. The arteries, veins, capillaries, muscles, fascia – even organs – need the free flow of oxygenated blood to create countless beneficial reactions like boosting the immune system.

As we age, our cells begin a process called senescence – they stop dividing and growing. That’s bad enough, but even worse, the useless cells don’t die, they build up in tissues throughout the body. Those cells are kinks in our hose we need to flush them out to stay healthy and vibrant.

What is the BoomerFit Deep Stretch Class?

It’s how we unkink our hoses. We do a series of deep stretching exercises; first standing then on a mat. By moving our bodies mindfully, in alignment, while breathing as deeply as we can, we open the pathways in the body – from the brain to the toes – to promote healing and resilience.

What do you for class?

Here’s what you need:

  • PC, Tablet, iPad, or Smart phone to access ZOOM
  • A mat or towel for your floor
  • A chair – sturdy like a dining room chair
  • Another towel
  • A short rope (could be a yoga strap, bathrobe tie, dog leash) for use for stretching while on the mat

BoomerFit Strength – Stop Muscle Decline

Another charming word describing age related decline is sarcopenia – the loss of muscle mass. As we age, muscle loss accelerates which leads to falls, pain, and eventually to a condition called frailty, which limits what you can do in life. My clients want to keep their strength because they have lots more living to do.

How can you do a strength class on ZOOM? Don’t you need weight equipment like dumbbells?

We use a few dumbbells, a resistance band with handles, and a mini resistance band for leg strength exercises. The weights depend on your present strength. Most people use 3 and 5 pound dumbbells to start. You can try the class free to see if you like it before purchasing weights.