BETSY LAMOND – BoomerFit Owner

Message from Betsy to the BoomerFit Community

March 20, 2020

There’s no denying we’re in a tough situation. Anxiety rises with each news report. Not being able to move freely in our community is jarring. Worrying about our own health and the health of those we care about weighs on us. We’re entering the unknown, looking for ways to calm ourselves and stay healthy.

Not seeing you in class or personal training for laughs, exercise and mindfulness leaves a big gap in my life. I miss you! So, I’ve decided to offer online classes creating an opportunity for us to see each other’s faces and exercise our minds and bodies. Maybe by coming together to move together, we can lessen the anxiety a little bit.

Peace and health to you and your families,


BoomerFit Online Mindful Movement and Stretching Classes

Being mindful of movement focuses the mind allowing the body to heal and regenerate. As we age, our cells can become senescent – they stop regenerating – which leads to a compromised immune system among other problems. Not moving our bodies in alignment causes blockages in arteries and other pathways impeding the flow of nutrients. We experience pain and stiffness which discourages movement creating a vicious cycle.


Let’s break that cycle! In this class, we’ll use mindfulness combined with proper alignment and slow stretching to open pathways and create better balance.


What you’ll need:

  • PC, Tablet, iPad or Smart phone to access ZOOM
  • A mat or towel for your floor
  • A chair – sturdy like a dining room chair – placed near your mat
  • Another towel
  • A short rope (could be a yoga strap, bathrobe tie, dog leash) for use for stretching while on the mat

Optional: a pillow or blanket if your head doesn’t go all the way to the mat while lying down.